People die due to snake bite, but the same snake venom makes medicine!

People die due to snake bite, but the same snake venom makes medicine!

People die due to snake bite, but the same snake venom makes medicine!
People die due to snake bite, but the same snake venom makes medicine!

People die due to snake bites, but the same snake venom makes medicine. Your enemy is not an enemy like a friend, because your enemy tells you your mistake.

So always accept your enemy as your friends. I personally believe that no one is our enemy, we all are friends and belong to the same planet called earth. But every individual has different perspectives. Sometimes our opinions and views mismatches, so it leads to some misunderstanding within us. In this write-up, I am going to share with you how we can create a beautiful relationship with everyone instead of being enemies of each other. It’s time to change our mindset. 

Everyone wants to grow in life but there are some people in this world who aim to motivate you constantly instead of encouraging. We are born to love and cooperate with each other. But why should we try to pull the legs of others? There is a saying, “United we rise, divided we fall”. The sense of uniformity is the most important in our life to progress. Individual development leads to our country’s development. If we try to progress ourselves we can help others and generate employment for others also. This spirit should be within us.

No one is our Enemy: We should accept everyone

  Letting go of or breaking up with a toxic friend is not always the solution. We need to accept and value every relationship with a positive approach. Many of us are not in a situation to just walk away, nor do we feel that we want to, or that it’s the right thing to do. How do we deal with our feelings of confusion, hate, betrayal, anxiety, and heartache? First and foremost, you must accept the fact that not everyone is our enemy. We can make our friendship strong by cooperating and helping nature. If we start accepting each other the way we are. We need not say negative things which may demotivate other people.  

Who See you An Enemy Eye, Handle their word and behavior with a positive approach

 You must understand that a friend may be going through a difficult stage in their lives. They may be suffering, inveterately disquieted, or lacking what they have in terms of affection and emotional support. Such people have to be compelled to be listened to, supported, and cared for (although regardless of the explanation for their troubles, you will still have to be compelled to defend yourself from their toxicant behavior at times)The key thing to keep in mind is that you need to change your perspective. Use their words with a positive way to your self-development.

Keep Your Intention Good For Everyone

If your Intention is good then you will never fail in life. Yes, it may take the same time and you have to face some obstacles to reach there. But if someone's behaviour is not good for you, just be silent. But keep your intention good for that person. And as hard as it is, we have to distance ourselves enough to give ourselves space to live. You need to make your well-being your first priority. If the other person's intention is bad at you, then start taking their words as fuel to progress yourself. Stop saying what’s actually hurt them, they find small and petty ways to blame you until you pay attention and get upset, sometimes not even realizing why. It's kind advice to all keep a good relationship with everyone.

If they Hurt You, Don’t hurt Back Them, Pray for their Wellbeing

Constant drama and negativity will never let you develop. You must not neglect yourself just because of their negative nature. – Practice self-care every day. Seriously, if you’re forced to measure or work with a toxic person, then confirm you get enough alone time to rest and recuperate. Having to play the role of a focused, rational friend within the face. Fighting with a negative one will only hurt you more. Once you plan to hate someone, you automatically begin digging two graves: one for your enemy and one for yourself. Hateful grudges are for those that insist that they're owed something. Forgiveness, on the opposite hand, is for those that are strong enough and smart enough to maneuver on. After all, the simplest revenge is to be unlike the one that hurt you. The best approach for living a beautiful life that creates peace in your heart. If someone is trying to continuously hurt you, you can't change them, it will be better to keep away from them. But don’t hurt them back. Pray for their well-being.

Finishing Words

Individuals can change, and some toxic connections can be fixed over the long haul. – When trust is broken, which occurs in practically every family relationship sooner or later, it's fundamental to comprehend that it tends to be fixed, given the two individuals will accomplish the difficult work of self-development. However, in the event that you comprehend that trust levels rise and fall throughout a truly mind-blowing span, you'll be bound to discover the solidarity to hang in, hold tight, and become together. Be that as it may, it takes two. Now and again we should be reminded to really pursue the little routines that permit us to all the more likely comprehend and sustain the correct bonds, or let go of some unacceptable ones. We should be reminded to be specific in our fights, as well. Peace and love in our lives are very important and relationships are also better than being right. Value Everyone's presence in life. Do more friends and keep a good intention for everyone you meet. Keep Smiling Always.