1. NASA has partnered with the Indian Space and Research Organisation (ISRO). It will develop a new system aided by radar systems from ISRO that will provide key information to guide efforts related to climate change and disaster mitigation

2. Indian plans to launch a mobile tech platform in August 2021 that will provide terrain-related information to the Blue Helmets in the line of duty

Blue helmets are the peacekeepers of United Nations, who are actually civilian, military and police personnel working together to maintain peace

3. The Sri Lanka Parliament has passed the Port City Economic Commission Bill. The bill officially declares 269 hectares of land reclaimed from the ocean and annexed to the city of Colombo as the country's first special economic zone (SEZ) for service-oriented industries

4. The Indian Broadcasting Foundation, the apex body of broadcasters, is being renamed the Indian Broadcasting and Digital Foundation. It is in the process of forming a new wholly-owned subsidiary to handle all matters pertaining to digital media

5. US President has nominated Indian-American Arun Venkataraman for the Director-General of the US and Foreign Commercial Service and the Assistant Secretary for Global Markets in the Department of Commerce. He is currently the Counselor to the Secretary of Commerce

6. Indian weightlifter Achinta Sheuli ended with the silver medal in the men’s 73 kg category at the Junior World Weightlifting Championships 2021 in Uzbekistan, on 26 May 2021

7. Every year, May 25 is observed as International Missing Children's Day (IMCD). It is a day to spread awareness for the children who go missing around the world. May 25 is also observed as the United States' National Missing Children's Day

8. The Commonwealth Day is celebrated on the second Monday in the month of March every year. However, in India, another Commonwealth Day is also celebrated on May 24. Also known as Empire Day, Commonwealth Day commemorates the formation of the British Empire in India and other colonies of Britain

9. Amazon executive Andy Jassy will take over the CEO role on 5 July 2021 replacing Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. Jassy currently runs the company's cloud-computing business

10. The WHO and 3 other international bodies have formed a “One Health” panel to help develop a global plan to prevent the spread of diseases from animals to humans. It will give advice on developing "risk assessment and surveillance frameworks" and establish "good practices to prevent and prepare for zoonotic outbreaks"